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Cerwin Vega Speaker Repair

cerwin vega professional speaker repair

Cerwin Vega Speaker Repair Center

We offer a complete Cerwin Vega speaker repair, and restoration service. Our Cerwin Vega repairs deal with the mechanical, electrical, and all other physical aspects of loud speaker performance.

Our specialty is Cerwin Vega speaker restoration, and the repair of all age related issues. We can even restore your Cerwin Vega speakers' performance to as good as new.

Re-cone Service for Cerwin Vega

Over the years, Montebello Speaker Repair Center Inc has professionally re-coned thousands of Cerwin Vega speakers, including most of the major brands you know, Whether it be speaker re-coning, voice coil replacement, a misaligned magnet repair, spider repair or replacement, re-foaming, etc., Montebello Speaker Repair Center Inc possesses the knowledge, experience, tools and equipment necessary to make your speakers sound like new, (or better) again.

Re-foaming/Re-Edging for Cerwin Vega

Cerwin Vega Speakers with a foam edge, typically found in home and hi-fi systems, deteriorate over time. Re-Edging (or Re-Foaming) replaces just the deteriorated foam from your Cerwin Vega speaker. These costs less much less than buying a new speaker and can make your Cerwin Vega speaker sound like new!

Audio Accessories for Cerwin Vega

We carry Cerwin Vega Accessories and many other brands. Come to us and be sure to find what you are looking for. Get that Cerwin Vega Accessory you are looking for or just give us a call and we will let you know if we have it in stock.

Speaker Diaphragms for Cerwin Vega

Replace your flushometers diaphragm with a new diaphragm for your Cerwin Vega and get your flushometer to stop running.

If your flushometer is running and flushing it out will not stop it this usually means the flushometer diaphragm in your Cerwin Vega is bad. Other indicators are small leaks from the outside cover, deteriorating black rubber when touched or on leather diaphragms, rips, tears and shrinkage. Replace the diaphragm with a new flushometer diaphragm and get your flushometers running like new.

Replacement Speaker parts for Cerwin Vega

Is your Cerwin Vega Speaker not working properly? Thinking of getting a new one? DON’T! Purchase a Replacement Speaker part for your Cerwin Vega Speaker instead and save yourself the trouble on spending so much on a brand new speaker when you can have your Cerwin Vega Speaker adjusted with Cerwin Vegaf replacement parts and have it back and running in no time.

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