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After bench testing your speaker driver we can determine if re-coning or just a simple repair is necessary to get your device back in service. If your speakers are vintage their cones may have become brittle with age. There are also other reasons why your speaker my require re-coning service: Overdriving and over-distorting is troubling on a few fronts. One, your speaker cones can easily become damaged if they are driven beyond their compliance. In this case, the cone becomes physically distorted, fatigues, and breaks or splits apart. Overdriving can also cause voice coils to fail as the high-current associated with clipping (DC) can burn a voice coil open. If you’re not overdriving, yet your voice coil has still failed, (and certainly on more than one occasion), you may have an issue with the DC offset in your amplifier. Upon inspection, we may be able to determine why the driver has failed.

Speaker Re-coning is the replacement of all moving parts inside a speaker. Since the magnet and frame structure do not often go bad, buying a whole new speaker is not always necessary or as cost effective as re-coning, especially when some can quite expensive to replace. Re-coning will make your speakers function and sound like new.

Whether your speaker has a ripped cone, damaged voice coil, sagging spider or has completely gone up in flames, we can repair it for you.

We use the highest quality parts and adhesives to get your speakers working back to the manufacturer’s original specifications.

    Our Re-coning Service Includes:

  • Replacement of the entire moving assembly (cone, voice coil, spider, gasket, surround, dust cap and tinsel lead wires)
  • Inspection of magnet and basket structure for shifting and mis-alignment. Prep and cleaning.
  • Tightening of magnet structure and lead terminals
  • Test of the completed repair. Sine-wave sweep and and playback.
  • Conditional 90-day warranty.

In some cases OEM parts may no longer be available. Unlike some of our competitors, we let our customers know when aftermarket parts will be used. We have actually tried and tested those parts in `

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