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Older and some newer speaker models use a foam annulus surround edge. Re-foaming becomes necessary when the foam edge has deteriorated to such an extent that it can no longer properly dampen, support, or keep your speaker cone aligned. It should be noted that fitting or installing an incorrect surround can add distortion and drastically alter and often diminish your speakers’ performance, including frequency response, free-air resonant frequency, etc. If you have the correct surround but lack the skill-set and experience to properly install it, you'll likely suffer the same consequences.

We have professionally re-foamed and aligned thousands of speakers, including most of the major brands you know, and some not so familiar. This type of repair is common and in most cases will cost less than replacing the driver and restore it to original condition and sound quality.

  • Inspection of the entire moving assembly.
  • Removal of old material, prep and Re-alignment of the cone assembly.
  • Replacement of the foam surround element, gasket and dust cap
  • Sine-wave sweep testing to ensure proper performance.

Other Services

  • Replacement Speaker parts
  • Crossover design and repair
  • Parts, Grilles, Foam, Cloth
  • Home Audio components.
  • Audio Accessories, Cables etc.
  • Pro-Audio production and engineering services
  • New and Used Speaker Sales
  • Vintage used speaker cabs.